Cemetery Crew

Truckee Cemetery   Truckee, CA   Full-time     Food Service
Posted on July 13, 2021

Cemetery Crew - Truckee

Cemetery Lawn Care Mow Weed & Water Stop by to See Job Flexible Hours  

Job Status: Part time

Education Level: High school education or GED required.

Experience Level: Entry Level


Follows all safety rules and regulations. Brings safety concerns to direct supervisor.
Responsible for the overall presentation and appearance of the cemetery which includes: mowing grass, pruning shrubs, trimming trees, spreading of pesticide/herbicide, and planting/maintaining landscaping.
Monitor sprinkler system and all lawn maintenance equipment and conduct or schedule repairs as needed.
Pressure wash vehicles and equipment as instructed.
Maintain shop area in a safe and clean manner.
Cleans mausoleums and statues.
Works individually or in partnership with another groundskeeper to: properly ensure accuracy of interment and entombment; dig and set up graves; open and close graves, niches, crypts; and sets markers, crypt bars and niche bars.
Purchase supplies within established procedures.
Work with supervisor to ensure all record keeping is done within established procedures and with adequate safeguards to ensure accuracy.

Truckee Cemetery

Truckee , CA