Maintenance Lead

Pyramid Peak Properties   Kirkwood, CA   Full-time     Maintenance
Posted on May 10, 2022


Full-time building & rental maintenance and snow removal opportunity in Kirkwood. Some maintenance needed in South Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake. We are seeking a self-starter who can proactively anticipate work and revenue streams.

Job Responsibilities:

• Perform & supervise, home and condo maintenance work performed by oneself, coworkers and vendors.

• Hires, oversees, and directs work performance and conduct employee reviews as required.

• Ensures quality assurance using checklists and company standards.

• Purchase products and tools necessary for the job.

• Conduct visual inspections of properties per required company standards and contracts.

• Snow removal in winter using shovels and snow blowers.

• Organization of snow removal labor and timing.

• Help produce bids for comparisons.

• Diagnose and submit solutions of new and ongoing maintenance problems.

• Report and write proposals for approval and analysis with fellow employees, owners and HOA Board members.

• Follow through to completion with tracking and documentation.

• Participate team and safety meetings handling all required documentation and safety standards.

• Able to work in after-hours conditions without being physically or mentally compromised.

• Performs other related duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Skills:

• Have personal and company growth as a mindset.

• Communicate on multiple threads.

• Handy and have experience working on a variety of projects that relate to carpentry, electrical, masonry, plumbing, general maintenance, painting, snow removal, cleaning and repairs.

• Must be computer literate.

• Must have impeccable customer service skills with affability, a calm demeanor and able to work with immediate customer issues. We need an enthusiastic, happy, well-adjusted human being.

• Able to drive in hazardous snow conditions, expect overnight stays in storms and on-call status.

Hours and Pay:

• 30 to 40 hours per week with intermittent on-call status

• $20 -$25 per hour depending on experience and skill level of task

• $25-$35 when performing Snow Removal

• Probation period

• Employee benefits and incentives upon qualifications – see Employee Handbook and related materials

• Must be able to work weekends and holidays.

Physical Requirements: While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to repetitively listen, speak, climb, stand, bend, shovel, push and pull equipment, drive, and lift items up to 100 pounds. Overall general good fitness is a requirement. Sitting at a computer station or work desk at home and in the office will be a normal occurrence every day. Duties of this job will be exposed to severe outside weather and driving conditions.