Senior Lead-Food & Nutrition(FT/Shift Varies)-Baldwyn Nursing Home #NMHSCareers

North Mississippi Medical Center   Baldwyn, MS   Full-time     Food Service
Posted on December 11, 2021
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Basic Requirements:
m Leads staff to ensure safe, cost-effective and quality food services.
m Provides positive leadership to staff in order to meet Hospital's & Department's goals & objectives.
m Demonstrates adherence to NMHS' Mission, Vision, and Values Statement & to Service Excellence Standards and serves as a role model to staff.

m Assists in all written and oral communications regarding operations and schedule changes.
m Participates in training and In-service Education.
m Coordinates all internal and external customer services to best meet the needs of customers.
m Assists in compiling and submitting data and reports appropriately and on a timely basis.
m Communicates effectively and timely with all internal & external customers.
m Acts as liaison between F&N and other departments to ensure customer needs are met.

m Works with staff towards the most efficient use of food and supplies.
m Responsible for ensuring inventory and ordering and storage of all food and supplies.
m Responsible for budget compliance for a unit. The individual may purchase equipment and supplies within budgeted amounts.
m Assists inappropriately ordering and storing food/supplies to control costs and minimize waste
m Assists in prioritizing, delegating, scheduling & evaluating work & staff assignments for maximum efficiencies.
m Must utilize FNS order guides and menus.

Safe Food Handling & Sanitation:
m Leads staff to follow proper food safety procedures and proper documentation of required monitors.
m Actively participating in FNS's HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) Program.
ensures regulatory and code compliance (JCAHO, OSHA State Board of Health)
m Coordinating / participating in cleaning & sanitation of assigned areas to meet the State Health Standards.
m Maintains assigned HACCP monitors -and all other departmental documents.
m Maintains adequate records including census reports, cash reports, temperature logs, etc.

Know How
Job Knowledge:
Specify required education, licensure /certification, prior experience, skill, behavior, equipment operation, type and duration of on-the-job training, patient population to be served, etc.
m Knowledgeable of Food Service Health Code Regulations and of kitchen sanitation, cleaning and safety( ServSafe certified is recommended)
m Able to analyze and solve basic arithmetic problems.
m Knowledge of receiving, storage, issuing and inventory controls.

Food Service Senior Lead

Job Knowledge:
m Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing. Must be able to speak and read English
m Must be able to take and pass the Serve-Safe Food Handling Course within a year of employment.
m Basic computer knowledge is desirable

Short, specific statements about skills needed in areas of planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating the work that is to be done.
m Self-starter and possess the ability to work independently, without direct supervision.
m Utilizes staff effectively to achieve best use of individuals and group capabilities.
m Records quality control standards and other record keeping.
m Demonstrates good work habits (punctual, utilizes time wisely)
m Presents a professional appearance follow the uniform & grooming guidelines; ensure that staff does the same.
m Understands and supports the mission and goals of the Medical Center and the Department
m Maintains a clean, safe, and well-stocked work area.
m Consistently seeks to improve services and products, and solicit customer feedback.
m Supports and participates in Quality Process Improvement activities.
m Organizes assigned area to meet expense limitations and exceed their customers' needs.
m Uses time and energy positively. Take concerns to the person who has the authority to correct them.

Human Relations Skills:

m Interacts with all internal and external customers to provide high quality customer services in a timely manner.
m Responsible for ensuring appropriate communication and follow up for hospital & department issues.
m Maintains a high level of adherence to the Hospital's Value Statement Values & Service Excellence Standards.
m Resolves customer complaints appropriately, timely and effectively.
m Interfaces effectively with all assigned and managerial staff. Works well with others and on their own.
m Responsible for staff maintaining a high level of customer service.
m Leads and works cooperatively with fellow team members to ensure positive and productive work atmosphere.
m Regularly recognizes and acknowledges staff for a job well done.

Problem Solving Please give examples of the types of major problems encountered and challenges of the job.

m Assists in planning and coordination with staff to improve and /or maintain customer satisfaction.
m Planning and coordinating to improve and /or maintain customer satisfaction at their assigned unit.
m Ensures proper training of staff to perform with high quality standards in the manager's absence.
m Abides within budgetary parameters while meeting the expectations of our customers.
m Works closely with administration and staff to resolve or avoid problems.
m Seeks to improve processes focused on eliminating mistakes, re-work, inefficiencies and variations.
m Knows and ensures staff's knowledge of proper fire and safety procedures and roles during emergencies.
m "Owns" any complaint they receive; expected to do all that they possibly can to resolve customer's complaints.
m Notifies their Facilities Operations & their Supervisor immediately of any hazards, defects, or injuries.
m Ensuring that staff is always well groomed and wearing name I.D. badge.
m Efficiently and safely uses equipment and protects the Medical Center's assets.
m Provides continuous quality, cost effective services throughout the department. .
m Promotes teamwork with all Food & Nutrition Service teams.
m Assists in planning and coordination with staff to improve and /or maintain customer satisfaction.

Accountability Freedom to act:

List of major

Food Service Lead

m Implement approved customer service programs.
m Assists in interviewing candidates, recommends hiring and terminating employees.
m Coaching, Excel planning, and performance reviews as assigned.
m Provides customer appropriate listening for all customers
m Makes changes to daily schedules to ensure timely, accurate service schedules
m Maintains confidentiality.
m Ensures process improvement, improving accuracy, timeliness, teamwork, cost-effectiveness & professionalism.
m Responsible for ensuring inventory and ordering and storage of all food and supplies.
m Responsible for budget compliance for unit
m Assists inappropriately ordering and storing food/supplies to control costs and minimize waste

Impact: Volume, expense budget including personnel (or Indeterminate)
m Expenses: $175,000.00 Food Budget Assists in Controlling Monthly Inventory and Expenses
m Personnel: Leads one to twelve persons

Physical Requirements (if any) Describe the physical effort required in the job: Walking, lifting, standing, sitting in awkward positions, etc. Is the effort steady, frequent, or occasional, etc.

m Frequent twisting, bending, stooping on daily basis.
m Pulling and pushing heavy carts (Loaded carts weight approx. 50 lbs.)
m Standing continuously and extensive walking
m Fast-paced working conditions at peak times
m Heavy lifting of equipment, supplies occasionally lifting of up to 50 lbs.